Uniform (up to Std.X):

The school colours are white and dark green.

 School Uniform for Boys:

  • Yellow  and Green Stripes Shirt
  • Black Pants/Trousers
  • Black Socks & Shoes.
  • Dark green Blazers
  • School Tie, belt, crest /badge.

PT Dress according to the house/team the student is in.

School Uniform for Girls

  • Yellow  and Green Stripes Blouses
  • BlackSkirts
  • Black Socks & Shoes.
  • Dark green Blazers
  • SchoolTie, belt, crest/badge.
  • PT Dress according to the house / team the student is in.

UNIFORM for Std. XI and XII

Students are required to attend school in clean and complete uniform on all working days.
The school uniform consists of
(i) Black pant and Green & White Stripes Shirt with top Pocket (left side) (i) Dark Green Salwar
(ii) Black leather shoes and Black socks, (ii) Light Green Sameez(Kurta)
(iii) School tie and School belt, (iii) Dark Green Duppatta
(iv) Dark Green woollen Blazer with pocket crest, with pocket crest (iv) Dark Green Woollen Blazer